Sunday, December 28, 2014

Formula 1 2014 Malaysian Grand Prix Review

Assalamu'alaykum  and good evening veryone, I haven't been updating this blog for awhile so here I am with my review of the Malaysian Grand Prix 2014. I will give you an insight on what happened during the Grand Prix weekend read on!

Practice! Day 1..


Well Friday practice is a great chance for everyone in the city(Kuala Lumpur) to get to the grand prix because the admission Fee is FREE for the whole day. This meant that you can have access to the whole circuit except for the paddock area where the drivers and people with pit-passes are allowed in in other words, VIP section :X. Anyways, I bought the ticket package for the transport from KL Sentral to KLIA for 3 days which cost me RM120 which is half the money I should be paying or more. It was a great deal as they gave us a package from KL Sentral(using train) and to SIC(Sepang International Circuit) by bus. It was quite a walk from the entrance where they dropped us to the main grandstand. There were stalls along the entrance from people selling F1 merchandises, books on F1, restaurant and Sepang Circuit Merchandises as well as a Service Centre which provides customer services and ATM Machines..The 'F1 Village' was set up before the Main Grand Stand area and there was a big Petronas stall that had activities where you can win free stuff, playing the latest F1  games by Codemasters and check out the latest Mercedes cars as their primary sponsor is of course Petronas. The 'F1 Village' had loads of F1 merchandises which was of course costly but enough to attract your attention. There was also an F1 'Gamezone' where you can win 2 pit-passes if you got a fastest lap and defeat your opponents in the Last Round.

Grandstand Area
To be honest I was running around like a kid when I heard the F1 noise. I went straight for the grandstand view of the main straight and recorded F1 cars flew by. Unfortunately, I covered my handphone which reduced the sound tremendously on playback. After that I explored the end of the grand stand area where they had the hairpin and recorded more footage. It was also quite a walk but I didn't felt it because of the excitement in the surrounding areas. I have to say the food are expensive as expected, it costs you probably RM10-RM15 for a single food and maybe RM25+ or more for a set or meal. Well I shouldn't complain much but as a student I couldn't afford and manage that into my budget so I decided to starve myself until I got to my area. I wanted to stay longer for P2, but it was a Friday and it was Jum'ah. There was a nearby mosque, unfortunately it was quite far from the circuit and there was no guarantee I could get a taxi back to the circuit. This lead me to conclude that the organizers should have at least provided the buses for Muslims to perform the Friday Prayers as it was pretty far away from the circuits. But other than that it was fine.

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